Um Encontro Provocado


Um Encontro Provocado places side by side the Portuguese and Brazilian realities, which are so close, but so different when it comes to violence, in order to reflect upon their differences.
In a challenge laid down by the Paulo Ribeiro Company, Brazilian choreographer Henrique Rodovalho and four Portuguese dancers go over the particular features and specific characteristics of the two countries, questioning degrees and thoughts inherent to the absence and presence of that same violence, in an artistic language that does not express the word, but rather what it intends or isn’t capable of saying.

Choreography, Set and Light Design
Henrique Rodovalho

Margarida Belo Costa
Miguel Oliveira
Miguel Santos
Teresa Alves da Silva

Dawn of Midi, Dysnomia: Io, Ymir, Moon, Atlas e Dysnomia; Ryuichi Sakamoto, Async: Walker, Andata, Disintegration, Ubi; Silva, Brasileiro: Nada será mais como era antes, Milhões de Vozes, Brasil, Brasil

Companhia Paulo Ribeiro

Teatro Viriato and Teatro Nacional São João

Paulo Ribeiro Company is a structure financed by República Portuguesa / Direcção-Geral das Artes.

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