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Sem um nós não pode haver voz
Convento São Francisco, Coimbra
15 December

Can one dance Bergman? If so, what will it be like? What kind of body will it be? What kind of dynamic will it have?
Drawing inspiration from the Swedish filmmaker’s life and universe, Paulo Ribeiro turns the solo he performed in Sem um tu não pode haver um eu, in 2014, into a collective movement. While the choreographer previously wondered about the relation between man and his reflection, and the essence involved confrontation and body punishment, in this (re)creation the choreographer seeks do deconstruct the initial lexicon in order to find points of light. One dances with the density associated with Bergman’s work to create textures and dynamics that summon humour and emotion, seeking to celebrate the body at all times.

Sem um nós não pode haver voz
Academia de Artes do Estoril
26, 27 May 21H30
28 May 16H00

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60 min

Age rating

Choreography, Artistic Direction and Musical Selection
Paulo Ribeiro

Afonso Cunha
Liliana Oliveira
Maria Martinho
Mariana Vasconcelos
Rita Ferreira

Bárbara Guimarães
Clara Andermatt

Light Design
Nuno Meira

Costume Design
José António Tenente

Ingmar Bergman

Assistancy to Light Design
João Rodrigues

Sound Recording and Editing
Nuno Braga

Photography and Video
Pedro Sadio

General Coordination
Pedro Jordão

Patrícia Cuan

Executive Production
Rita Monteiro

Companhia Paulo Ribeiro

Convento São Francisco

Câmara Municipal de Cascais/Fundação Dom Luís I, Câmara Municipal de Coimbra, Fundação “la Caixa”/BPI

Fundação Oriente

Paulo Ribeiro Company is a structure financed by República Portuguesa/Direcção-Geral das Artes.

Paulo Ribeiro


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Born in Lisbon, Paulo Ribeiro began his dance studies in Brussels and started his career as a dancer in several Belgian and French companies. But it was as a choreographer that he developed his career, making his debut in 1984, in Paris, in the Stridanse company, of which he was co-founder. Four years later, back in Portugal, he began his collaboration with the Portuguese Dance Company of Lisbon and with Ballet Gulbenkian. From 1991 on, his choreographic work expanded internationally, creating pieces for internationally renowned companies such as Nederlands Dans Theater; Grand Théâtre de Genève; Centre Chorégraphique de Nevers and Ballet de Lorraine.

With the creation of the Paulo Ribeiro Company, in 1995, the choreographer found the space to express his own language and authorial work.

He was the Commissioner of the cycle Dancem, in 1996 and 1997, at Teatro Nacional São João and, in 1998, he was General and Programming Director at Teatro Viriato, in Viseu. He was Commissioner for Dance in Coimbra 2003 – Portuguese Capital of Culture. In the same year, he received an invitation to direct the Ballet Gulbenkian, a work for which he would be awarded. In 2006, after the extinction of the Ballet Gulbenkian, he returned to Viseu, to Teatro Viriato, to retake the direction. In 2014, he was honoured by the Viseu City Council with the Municipal Medal of Merit for his contribution of recognized importance to the municipality of Viseu. He remained in the position until 2016, when was invited by the Ministry of Culture to take over the artistic direction of the Portuguese National Ballet Company. In 2019, he launched the project Casa da Dança, in Almada.

Meanwhile, he participated as choreographer in several productions, namely in cinema, for the film La Valse, by Portuguese renowned filmmaker João Botelho. Besides his creative work, Paulo Ribeiro has dedicated himself to education, conducting several workshops in Portugal and in the countries where the company has been. He teaches Choreographic Composition as part of the master’s programme in Contemporary Choreographic Creation at Superior Dance School in Lisbon, and has given classes at the National Conservatory Dance School.

In 2022, he returned to the artistic direction of his company and, in 2023, he started a new chapter in Cascais, where the company will be based, to continue the work of research, creation, production, dissemination and training in contemporary dance.

Paulo Ribeiro signs a plural work with more than 40 creations that has been distinguished with several national and international awards, such as the Acarte/Maria Madalena de Azeredo Perdigão Award, ex-aequo with Clara Andermatt, the Prix d’Auteur at the V Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint- Denis (France); the New Choreography Award from the Bonnie Bird Fund-Laban Centre (United Kingdom); the Bordalo Award from Casa da Imprensa (Portugal), among many others.

About the Company

The Paulo Ribeiro Company is one of the most renowned Portuguese contemporary dance companies, both nationally and internationally.

The company was founded in 1995 by Paulo Ribeiro, one of the main faces of the transforming movement New Portuguese Dance. It emerged following several years of work with some of the most prestigious European companies and in order to create space for his individual artistic voice.

Throughout these thirty years, the company’s plural work has been a regular presence in the main national theatres, as well as throughout Europe, Brazil and the United States. A career that brings together about 40 productions, whose contemporary language has been recognized with some of the most important national and international awards in the field of dance, and documented in two books: “Corpo de Cordas” (Assírio & Alvim, 2005), by Cláudia Galhós, and “Uma Coisa Concreta” (CPR, 2015), coordinated by Tiago Bartolomeu Costa.

Between 1998 and 2022, the company was settled in Teatro Viriato, in Viseu, a project created and implemented by the Portuguese choreographer and which he directed until 2016.

Meanwhile, the company has been responsible for an important project of training and production of educational actions for the school public in the area of dance.

In the beginning of 2023, the structure moved to Cascais, to continue its mission of research, artistic creation and promotion of shows, as well as education and programming linked to the local community and its institutions.

The Paulo Ribeiro Company will also be associated with Coimbra and, in the future, with other areas in the national territory, with the purpose of developing a network of Dance Cities.


Artistic Direction

Paulo Ribeiro



Afonso Cunha
Began his dance career with breakdance in 2006 and followed to contemporary dance in 2012. Completed his professional dance course at Balleteatro three years later and joined the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in 2020. Performed in creations by Né Barros and Helder Seabra for Companhia Instável, among others.


Diogo M. Santos
Contemporary dance performer graduated in 2014 from Balleteatro – Escola Profissional. In England, he attended the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, where he completed the Foundation Course in Contemporary Dance and the BA (Hons) Dance (Contemporary). His career includes Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte, Companhia Instável, Marianela Boán and the Irish company Instant Dissidence.


Liliana Oliveira
Dancer since she was 12 years old, Liliana has attended Lugar Presente and Ginasiano dance courses, as well as the intensive training in choreographic performance at Companhia Instável. She performed for the Kale Dance Company, Companhia Instável, Cie 7273, Eldad Ben-Sasson, Mafalda Deville, Joana Providência and Victor Hugo Pontes, among others.


Maria Martinho
Completed the dance course at the National Conservatory in 2020, and is currently pursuing a degree in dance at the Lisbon School of Dance, in the scope of which she attended Codarts, in Rotterdam, and performed in creations by João Fernandes and Ângelo Cid Neto.


Mariana Vasconcelos
Has a degree in dance from the Lisbon School of Dance. Participated in ART of: Summer dance traineeship, in Marseille, and in P.E.D.R.A. – Education Project in Repertoire Dance for Teenagers, with Clara Andermatt and Amélia Bentes. Throughout her career, she has also taken part in creations by Victor Hugo Pontes, Lander Patrick & Jonas Lopes, Marina Nabais and Marco da Silva Ferreira.


Rita Ferreira
Completed the dance course at the National Conservatorium in 2019, and has a professional degree from the Rosella Hightower School of Dance. Performed for the Pantai Company and the Cannes Jeune Ballet, in France.

General Coordination
Pedro Jordão

Patrícia Cuan

Rodrigo Gonçalves

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