Sábado 2 (re-stage)


Sábado 2 intersects selfishness and conflict between social conventions and the banality of feelings and words. In the first production of the Paulo Ribeiro Company, the choreographer explores the empty whirlwind of the individual who primarily faces inward and establishes a connection with the divine as a kind of redeeming energy.
Sábado 2 has a timeless nature, and it also lives off the repression of sexual energy/erotic charge and its confrontation with the romantic and religious fantasy that only finds redemption in a kind of self-mutilation sacrifice.

In its fifteenth anniversary, the Paulo Ribeiro Company retrieved its iconic work, trusting that it will be a fortunate discovery for those who are not familiar with it, and a festive occasion for those returning to it.

Paulo Ribeiro

Interpretation (new cast)
Eliana Campos
Leonor Keil
Rita Omar
Gonçalo Lobato
Peter Michael Dietz
Romulus Neagu

Nuno Rebelo

Costume Design
Maria Gonzaga

Light Design
Rui Marcelino

Fundação das Descobertas / CCB

The British Council, CCA – Audiovisuais, E.T.I.C., Maria Gonzaga and Teatro CineArte

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