Walking with Kylián. Never Stop Searching


A walk with Jiří Kylián. This is how Paulo Ribeiro presents his new creation, which is a tribute to a choreographer who inhales the present and exhales timelessness, someone who carries a divine hand. A choreographer who is a major reference to Paulo Ribeiro, with whom he intensely wishes to communicate, share and walk. In Walking with Kylián. Never Stop Searching, we come closer to Jiří Kylián and what lies behind his works, to reflect on the diversity of his choreographic languages and the difference between them, but also on the effectiveness of language and thought in the act of creation.

Paulo Ribeiro

Assistancy to Choreographer
Ana Jezabel

Ana Jezabel
André Cabral
Miguel Oliveira
Miguel Santos
Teresa Alves da Silva

Light Design
Nuno Meira

Jesús Rueda – Al este del eden:  5to andamento de Pocket Paradise, Luna Nueva;  David del Puerto – A midsummer night’s dance; Robert Wyatt – Just a Bit, Fragment, Hasta Siempre Comandante; Benjamin de La Fuente – Flip; James MacMillan, Scottish Chamber Orchestra e Joseph Swensen: Adam’s Rib, Tryst, I (A meditation on Iona);  Pablo Casals – Cello Suite #5 In C Minor, BWV 1011 – Prélude (Bach); Riccardo Nova: Cristaux Rêvants III

Opart/Companhia Nacional de Bailado

Companhia Paulo Ribeiro

Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Teatro Nacional São João, Teatro Viriato, São Luiz Teatro Municipal

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