“Why am I so unhappy? Because I am what I must not be. Because half of me is not brother to the other half, & the conquest of one is the defeat of the other.”
Fernando Pessoa

Five women and Fernando Pessoa. A female Pessoa in high heels. The words of the poet challenge the words of the women, who let themselves get lost by their own narratives. The poetry of female movement crosses the piece, mixed with the passion invested in each gesture. In this universe of Pessoa, they’re concerned about their hair, use high heels, despise men and dance with bodies that exude sensuality.
The movement is restrained, smooth and flows into extended pleasure. This place of sensations is only interrupted by the choreographer’s higher power of playing with his creations, of making them laugh at themselves.

Direction and Choreography
Paulo Ribeiro

Assistancy to Choreographer
Peter Michael Dietsz

Elisabeth Lambeck
Erika Guastamacchia
Leonor Keil
Margarida Gonçalves
São Castro

Original Music
Nuno Rebelo, with the exception of Stir it up by Bob Marley (a remix by Nuno Rebelo) and Torture never stops by Frank Zappa

Nuno Rebelo (all instruments)
Cathrin Loerke (female voice)
Richard Zenith (male voice)

Excerpts from O Livro do Desassossego, Ode Marítima and other works from Fernando Pessoa, with translation and consultancy by Richard Zenith

Light Design
Nuno Meira

Light Operation
Cristóvão Cunha

Costume Design
Ana Luena

Assistancy to Costume Design
Isabel Pereira

Costume Seamstresses
Celeste Marinho
Maria Eduarda Rodrigues
Virgínia Pereira

José Alfredo

Yann Thual

Companhia Clara Andermatt, Carlos Almeida / Anjos Urbanos

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