Memórias de Pedra. Tempo Caído


Memórias de Pedra/Tempo Caído inaugurated the life of the Paulo Ribeiro Company as a resident structure at Teatro Viriato, in Viseu. It was the first work that made its artistic and production relevance clear. A symbol of the decentralisation of contemporary dance, arts and culture that crosses the creation of Teatro Viriato’s current artistic project. In this piece, choreographer Paulo Ribeiro reflects upon the Portuguese imaginary and what he considered to be one of the strongholds of national identity: the stones of the houses, where all that’s left of our greatness is registered.


Conception, Choreography, Direction and Set Design
Paulo Ribeiro

Barbara Fuchs
Christian Chu
Leonor Keil
Suzana Queiroz
Boris Nahálka
Juan Antonio Saorin
Romulus Neagu
Wolfgang Maas

Light Design
João Paulo Xavier and Paulo Ribeiro

Costume Design
Carlota Lagido

Original Music and Sound Design
Vítor Rua

João Pinto and Vojta Dukát – Tatra Art

Parque Expo – Expo’98 / Lisboa, Stockholm Cultural Capital Of Europe 1998, Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm

Câmara Municipal de Viseu

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