Step Forward (Espectáculo)

A three-part body that, through time, is inscribed in Paulo Ribeiro’s choreographic language. A programme made up of two emblematic works performed by the Gulbenkian Ballet – Encantados de Servi-lo, created in 1991 (originally choreographed for and premiered by the Nederlands Dans Theater company) and Comédia Off, in 1996 – which form part of the initial period of his authorial identity, and Summer’s Almost Gone, a new creation based on the choreographer’s relationship with the Cascais seafront promenade and which celebrates this landscape as an affective memory that extends to the present day.

Encantados de Servi-lo seeks to express itself as a great romance of the gesture, at the bottom of which, derisory, it trembles with all the flesh and souls. A lyrical and dense sculpture of bodies confronting, testing and embracing each other, like a throbbing heartbeat.
Comédia Off is a piece of humour that follows the impulses of the genesis of the gesture and explores the cabotinice and clichés of musical comedy.
Based on observations of everyday life by the choreographer and the six performers, Summer’s Almost Gone forms a light, fluttering and playful look at the dynamics of the seafront promenade that runs along the line between São João do Estoril and Cascais. A place of cosmopolitan gestures where winter can rarely be separated from summer.

Three pieces that focus on the possibilities of the body and also on its relationship with space, forging an apparent chaos where so many movements and emotions appear in continuity and from which, in the end, beauty blossoms.


Academia de Artes do Estoril – 23 February (premiere)

Paulo Ribeiro

Assistancy to Choreographer
Ana Moreno


Afonso Cunha
Diogo M. Santos
Liliana Oliveira
Maria Martinho
Mariana Vasconcelos (original cast)
Rita Ferreira
Rodrigo Loureiro

Assistency to Encantados de Servi-lo and Comédia Off re-stage
Inês Jacques

Costume Design
José António Tenente

Light Design
João Rodrigues


Encantados de Servi-lo
Luís Cília: Encantados de Servi-lo, Pt. 1 ; Encantados de Servi-lo, Pt. 2; Encantados de Servi-lo, Pt. 3
Comédia Off João Lucas
Summer’s Almost Gone Cartola: Sim; Robert Wyatt: Be Serious; Supertramp: School, Goodbye Stranger; The Doors: The Crystal Ship, Not to Touch the Earth, Summer’s Almost Gone

Photography and video

Joaquim Leal

General coordination
Pedro Jordão

Patrícia Cuan

Executive production

Rita Monteiro


Companhia Paulo Ribeiro

Câmara Municipal de Cascais/Fundação Dom Luís I, Fundação “la Caixa”/BPI

Teatro Experimental de Cascais

Paulo Ribeiro Company is a structure financed by República Portuguesa – Cultura/Direcção-Geral das Artes.

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