Memórias de Pedra. Tempo Caído (re-stage)


Memórias de Pedra. Tempo Caído premiered in 1999, and it dwelled on the identity of the country’s hinterland. At the invitation of the municipality of Viseu, the piece that inaugurated the life of the Paulo Ribeiro Company as a resident structure in Viseu returned to the stages twenty years after its premiere, to build a portrait of Portugal that is seemingly frozen in time, but open to Europe and to the changes that marked the end of the 20th century.

Conception, Choreography, Direction and Set Design
Paulo Ribeiro

Ana Moreno
Joana Lopes
Małgorzata Suś
Ricardo Machado
Guilherme Leal
Rafael Oliveira

Light Design
João Paulo Xavier/Paulo Ribeiro

Costume Design
Carlota Lagido

Original Music
Vítor Rua

João Pinto/Vojta Dukát

Light Operation and Adaptation
Cristóvão Cunha

Video Operation and Adaptation
Tomás Pereira

Companhia Paulo Ribeiro

Teatro Viriato

Support and Financing
Município de Viseu

Paulo Ribeiro Company is a structure financed by República Portuguesa / Direcção-Geral das Artes.

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