Sem um tu não pode haver um eu


Sem um tu não pode haver um eu takes the universe of Swedish director Ingmar Bergman as a starting point to draw a map of affections where there is more rendition than possession. One watches a raw heart dancing. An ‘I’ that wishes to conjugate the second-person singular, as if saying “I’m you, also you” more than “I’m yours”. A body so alive it plays chess with death.
The choreographer turns into a seismograph of emotional tremors, revealing love, hate, distress, conjugal dilemmas, inner struggles and collapses. At the end, an enlightening catharsis. The crying that breaks through as the morning dew.


Choreographer and Interpretation
Paulo Ribeiro

Robert Wyatt – Cuckooland: Insensitive; Franz Koglmann – O Moon My Pin-Up: Third Movement, Distinctions – IX; Bach – Cello Suites (Pablo Casals): Cello Suite #5 In C Minor, BWV 1011 – Prélude, Cello Suite #5 In C Minor, BWV 1011 – Courante; Magnus Lindberg / Ictus Clarinet Quintet: Related Rocks

Costume Design
José António Tenente

Light Design
Nuno Meira

José Alfredo

Centro Cultural De Belém, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Teatro Nacional São João

Dr. António Ribeiro de Carvalho, Dr. João Luís Oliva, Dra. Maria José Arêde, Henrique Tomás and precious friends from all occasions

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