Tristes Europeus, Jouissez Sans Entraves


Tristes Europeus – jouissez sans entraves is an encounter between several people from different Europes in Viseu. They all brought along different stories, specific pasts, realities and expectations that were restated or dissolved in exile. They all use their bodies to express themselves, they all breathe through their skin and dream of dissolving into universal beings capable of grasping and understanding everything.
However, they all suffer from claustrophobia and chronic asthma. The only way to relieve such suffering of not being well anywhere is to be able to forget about oneself.
This encounter is a celebration of memory, of which only the restless body can keep a record. A body that remembers, a body that forgets, a body that feels and gives the feeling that outside of it nothing makes sense.


Conception, Direction and Choreography
Paulo Ribeiro

Constance Lüttich
Leonor Keil
Marta Silva
Marta Cerqueira
David Lerat
Félix Lozano
Romulus Neagu
Wolfgang Maas

Danças Ocultas (temas originais e temas dos discos “Danças Ocultas e “Ar”)

Musicians (live act)
Artur Fernandes
Filipe Cal
Filipe Ricardo
Francisco Miguel

Costume Design
Carlota Lagido

Light Design
Nuno Meira

Sound Design and Operation
Nuno Rebocho

Light Operation
Pedro Teixeira

Executive Production
Companhia Paulo Ribeiro

Maison de la Culture de Bourges – France, Companhia Paulo Ribeiro

Ministério da Cultura – Instituto Português das Artes do Espectáculo

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