Comédia Off


The musical comedy is the cult of life in constant spring. A nonconformist luxury that seeks to communicate with everyone and with each one in particular. The energetic conjunction that manages to create the indefinable, capable of setting off the dream.
Carmen Miranda and Josephine Baker have in common a talent that feeds on humanity, a wild authenticity which is life itself. It is from these two phenomena of the show that the choreographer seeks to create oneiric matter, to build a celebration marked by the tireless need to be present and, at the same time, to reflect and give shape to the small intimacies, giving them doubt, despair, emptiness and sadness that feed and give dimension to the reason to be on stage.

Conception, Direction and Choreography
Paulo Ribeiro

Assistancy to Choreographer
Leonor Keil

Barbara Fuchs
Leonor Keil
Susana Queiroz
Christine Chu Shinae
Boris Nahálka
Luis Amarelo
Romulus Neagu
Wolfgang Maas

Nuno Rebelo

Edgar Pêra

Magic (conception)
Luís de Matos

Costume Design
António Lagarto

Light Design
Cristina Piedade

Executive Production
Companhia Paulo Ribeiro

Centro Cultural de Belém, Teatro Nacional de S. João and Companhia Paulo Ribeiro

Ministério da Cultura – Instituto Português das Artes do Espectáculo and Teatro Viriato

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