Ao Vivo


This is a live encounter, this is the pleasure of musicality, this is letting the body be epidermis, this is breathing through the skin, this is making space for dialogue, this is giving substance to the surprise, this is going on stage transparently, this is forgetting about oneself, this is giving the body a voice, this is giving the voice a body, this is listening and dancing, dancing.
Revisiting Maria João and Mário Laginha’s particular and autonomous universe, returning to the origins, and trying to materialise the building of a new landscape through the maximum exploration of the bodies.
The improvisation space allows for an interesting encounter between that which is known and that which is unknown, turning this event into an ongoing live (ao vivo) performance.

Choreography and Set Design
Paulo Ribeiro

Musical Direction
Mário Laginha

Barbara Fuchs
Christine Chu Shinae
Leonor Keil
Suzana Queiroz
Boris Nahálka
Romulus Neagu
Wolfgang Maas

Maria João e Mário Laginha, temas de Cor e Fábula

Musicians (live)
Maria João (voice)
Mário Laginha (piano)
Helge Norbakken (drumming)

Light Design
Cristina Piedade

Costume Design
Manuel Alves e José Manuel Gonçalves

Executive Production
Companhia Paulo Ribeiro

Po.N.T.I./Teatro Nacional S. João, Companhia Paulo Ribeiro

Ministério da Cultura, IPAE, Teatro Viriato, Centro Regional das Artes do Espectáculo das Beiras

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