Azul Esmeralda


Based on Wassily Kandinsky’s definition of the colours blue (azul)—a movement “of retreat from the spectator” and at the same time “of turning in upon its own centre”—and emerald (esmeralda)—“ambivalent, whose qualities might suggest occult and damned sciences, but also clairvoyance, fertility and immortality”—, and on the contradiction between colour and meaning, Paulo Ribeiro creates a performance about the dynamics of violence, banality and futility, starting with the example of the beastly human being, laid bare for his inability to manage contradictions.
Azul Esmeralda is an excessive work that turns into an unbridled celebration of stupidity, violence without a set purpose and the insatiable futility of joy.


Paulo Ribeiro

Cláudia de Serpa Soares
Leonor Keil
Mathilde Lapostolle
Paola Morena
Paulo Ribeiro
Peter Michael Dietz
Rowan Thorpe

Nuno Rebelo

Set Design
Ideia Fixa

Costume Design
Maria Gonzaga

Light Design
Paulo Graça

Teatro Nacional de São João, Companhia Paulo Ribeiro

Ministry of Culture, Prix d’auteur du Conseil Général de La Seine Saint-Denis, France (Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales, 1996)

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