Sábado 2


A piece that lives off the repression of sexual energy and its confrontation with the romantic and religious fantasy that only finds ‘redemption’ in a kind of self-mutilation sacrifice.
Sábado 2 is essentially selfish: the other exists to give substance to our fantasies. We pity ourselves thinking that we suffer because of love, but it is simply imagination and social convention. The text is there to emphasise the stereotype of social conventions, the banality of words and even feelings, almost always fleeting and imaginary.
A piece that seeks to explore the empty whirlwind of the individual who primarily faces inward, looking at the connection with the divine as a kind of redeeming energy.


Paulo Ribeiro

Joana Novaes
Leonor Keil
Paola Moreno
Duarte Barrilaro Ruas
Paulo Ribeiro
Peter Michael Dietz

Nuno Rebelo

Costume Design
Maria Gonzaga

Light Design
Rui Marcelino

Fundação das Descobertas/CCB

The British Council, CCA – Audiovisuais, E.T.I.C., Maria Gonzaga, Teatro CineArte

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