Sem um nós não pode haver voz (Espectáculo)

Can one dance Bergman? If so, what will it be like? What kind of body will it be? What kind of dynamic will it have?
Drawing inspiration from the Swedish filmmaker’s life and universe, Paulo Ribeiro turns the solo he performed in Sem um tu não pode haver um eu, in 2014, into a collective movement. While the choreographer previously wondered about the relation between man and his reflection, and the essence involved confrontation and body punishment, in this (re)creation the choreographer seeks do deconstruct the initial lexicon in order to find points of light. One dances with the density associated with Bergman’s work to create textures and dynamics that summon humour and emotion, seeking to celebrate the body at all times.


Academia de Artes do Estoril – 26 May (premiere)
FIDANC, Teatro Garcia de Resende (Évora) – 23 September
Convento São Francisco (Coimbra) – 15 December

Teatro Municipal da Covilhã – 20 January

"On stage, the five dancers gradually turn and open up to each other, crossing eyes for the first time and showing signs of bursting their individual bubbles. Between expectation and distrust, they begin to look for each other and realise that only by leaning on each other can they get back on their feet. (...) Even so, it's the moment when the importance of the collective emerges that, even without hearing a single word, we recognise a collective voice."
Gonçalo Frota, in Público, 25.05.2023
"Paulo Ribeiro returns to choreographic creation to turn us inside out - just like in Bergman's films and plays. And there's everything: melancholy, celebration, revelry and silences defined as if we were falling into an abyss. (...) The movement is now collective and yet there's still a dramaturgical side to it. We hear voices that tell us about the importance of the liaison between bodies, and the importance of a collective voice that rises up in the hope of better days."
Ricardo Ramos Gonçalves, in Observador, 26.05.2023

Choreography, Artistic Direction and Musical Selection
Paulo Ribeiro

Afonso Cunha
Liliana Oliveira
Maria Martinho
Mariana Vasconcelos
Rita Ferreira


Bárbara Guimarães
Clara Andermatt

Light Design
Nuno Meira

Costume Design
José António Tenente

Bach – Cello Suites (Pablo Casals): Cello Suite #5 In C Minor, BWV 1011 – Prélude; Robert Wyatt: Hasta Siempre Comandante, Insensatez, Shrinkrap; Carlos Lázzari Y Su Orquesta: La Puñalada; Franz Koglman – IX: O Moon My Pin-Up, Third Movement, Distinctions; Mindel Band: Perentem; Magnus Lindberg / Ictus Clarinet Quintet – Related Rocks

Ingmar Bergman

Sound Recording and Editing
Nuno Braga

Photography and Video
Pedro Sadio

General Coordination
Pedro Jordão

Patrícia Cuan

Executive Production
Rita Monteiro

Companhia Paulo Ribeiro

Convento São Francisco

Câmara Municipal de Cascais/Fundação Dom Luís I, Câmara Municipal de Coimbra, Fundação “la Caixa”/BPI

Bárbara Guimarães, Fundação Oriente

Paulo Ribeiro Company is a structure financed by República Portuguesa/Direcção-Geral das Artes.

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